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Friday, April 28, 2017

New novel Released: Let No Word be Spoken

     Today, I have released the paperback version of my new novel, "Let No Word be Spoken". This book has gone through a lot of changes over the years to get to where it is today. I got the idea for this story probably about four years ago, but it started out as a far different story than it is now.
     It has always bothered me that when a science fiction movie showed a race of telepathic beings, they always "spoke" into the minds of the humans in plain English. I've always considered that a flaw in the logic of these kinds of stories, and decided that one day, I would write a short story where the telepaths would communicate in images, which made far more sense to me. Note in the above sentence that this was going to be a short story. Little did I know that when I sat down to actually write the tale, it would take on a life of its own.
     In my short story, many of the elements were the same as the completed book. The captain of a spaceship would crash land on a strange planet full of women who had no form of verbal language. While he was making repairs to his ship, he was to be given a handler, whose name he never knew, and she would teach him about her planet in a limited way. He would long for a greater understanding, and when she came to realize his need, she would engage him in a psychic connection that would be so deep and all-encompassing that it would almost be sexual in nature. The experience would be too much for him and he would pass out from its intensity, waking up back on his ship in space. All evidence of his visit to the planet would be erased from his ship's databases, and he would be left with a consuming desire to return.
     When I set out to write the story, it grew, and so many ideas flowed into the concept that it became a novel that cried out for a sequel. While making notes for the second book, the creative juices spilled out once again, and yet another book began to form. Playing on the title of Book One, I decided to call it "The Word Series", and have incorporated Word into each title. It is my hope to write more adventures of Captain Henderson K. Johns and the beautiful alien Loran along with the crew of the Dreamer's Fortune, so it was important that I set these three books apart from anything else that may come to be.
     Another thing that changed dramatically for me is the introduction of strong Christian elements into the books. Captain Johns became a practicing member of an ancient religion called Christianity in a universe that rarely followed the teachings of that faith. The God of the alien planet that Johns crashes on is the same God of his Bible, and unlike Earth, he still walks the planet, interacting with the women on a personal level.
     The book turned into a series of "what-ifs" for me. What if a planet had only women, and no men at all? What if those women had been obedient in their version of the Garden of Eden? What if everyone knew what everyone else was thinking all the time, and therefore things like crime and even lies were totally unknown to the women of the planet?
     Each question was a challenge to me that had to be worked out and explained to the reader. Hopefully, I've done that sufficiently and everyone will enjoy the way the story developed. I've grown fond of Johns and Loran and hope that people come to see these characters as I have.

     The paperback is available from Amazon. Simply go the Amazon.com and type in "M. Ray Holloway Jr." and you will get a list of my books. Let No Word be Spoken can be found there. I will release the E-book version of the book shortly.

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