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Friday, April 10, 2015

Poem: Little Boy's Heart

Little Boy's Heart
By M. Ray Holloway, Jr. (late 70's)

I saw him kneel o'er the fresh turned dirt
That he'd dug with an old rusty spade,
And then I saw him bow his head
O'er the tiny grave he'd made,
And as I watched, I felt the hurt
Within start its welling up,
For with sodden hands I saw him lay
To rest his tiny pup.
Brave man, who fights his wars by day,
And conquers ominous threats,
Contains that little boy's heart within
That aches so for his pets.
I saw him close that too-small grave,
And trudge up to the door.
He said, "I guess he's okay now,
"He's put to sleep once more.
"It don't seem right," he added,
As he gave his head a shake.
"Let's go to bed," I told him,
"We must give as well as take."

I saw him finally fall asleep;
I smiled to look at him.
A full grown man of twenty four
With a little boy's heart within.

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