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Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015: Rewriting "The Empath"

I have been reworking a story I wrote over twenty years ago, trying to bring it up to date and correct some of the spelling and grammar errors. I now have a service that helps me with my writing, making my pieces stronger and hopefully more desirable. Once I get this story finished, I had planned to post it here, but it is looking so much better than it was, that I may actually submit it for publication. The idea is one that has developed over the years, and was originally based on something that happened to me that made me think, "What if this had happened instead?" I was never truly satisfied with the original story I wrote, but I think the rework will fix some of the things that made the story flat and lifeless. I have developed the character considerably since the first draft and made him much more interesting and somewhat enigmatic to appeal to a wider audience. Hopefully, I will find an editor who agrees with me.

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