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Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, 2015: "oh, the pain... the pain!"

May 9, 2015

     Of course those old enough and inclined to watch science fiction as a kid will remember the quote from Dr. Smith on the original "Lost In Space" TV show from the 60's. This week, I have been experiencing bouts of pain from my back and shoulder (two totally different problems) and have not been up to the task of writing much. I still have not heard the results of my MRI on my shoulder to see if I am going to have to have surgery or not. It could be just severe bursitis or worst case scenario, a torn rotator cuff which will require surgical repair. The back problem is due to a muscle that I damaged over twenty years ago. Sometimes it just flairs up and hurts, and then other times, something causes a flair up. A rack fell at work on Thursday, and reacting to that, I pulled that muscle again and have been really feeling the pain from it.
     Anyway, I am trying to get back into things and will be writing a Mother's Day post, probably this evening. Thanks to those who have wished me speedy healing and offered suggestions for lessening or getting rid of the pain.

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