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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 2nd, 2015: Alexa, not Alexis, Y'all!

     Back in 2003, I was blessed with my second grandchild, a beautiful blonde haired girl named Alexa Lee. Times were awkward for me then, and I didn't get down to Houston to visit as soon as I wanted to after her birth. I fretted and worried that my grandchildren were growing up without knowing me (or me knowing them either.) I did get to see her, and she was such a lovely baby, and I was just the proudest grandpa that you could imagine.
     A year passed and when I came to visit, little Alexa was walking around, a feat so amazing to me that surely no other child had ever accomplished it! Still, the long distances worried me and visiting only twice a year made me fear that she would not know who I was. I watched as she toddled around the house, going about a toddler's business and not having any time for her doddering old grandpa. Then, as if by some prearranged signal, she walked over to where her books were kept, carefully selected the particular one that she needed to hear, and walked over to me. She handed the book to me, not saying a word, and then proceeded to climb up on the couch next to me, snuggling up against my side. Opening the book, I began to spend the first of many wonderful experiences with this adorable little one.
     She has delighted us over the years with her young wisdom, such as telling her Nana Pam that she could not move to Texas because it was just too hot for her. I watched her play with her friends, dressing up like a graceful Disney princess and running through the house like a raging tomboy. I saw her flip into the swimming pool and swim like she was born in the water. She has been such a joy to behold in so many ways.
     Fast forward to present day, and I have just attended a recognition banquet held for Alexa and the other gymnasts that she has been training with for the past months and years. She has risen through the ranks and done very well in state competitions, and the things I see her doing in her routines are incredible to me. How far will she go? I am inclined to say that she will go as far as she wants because she certainly seems to have the talent necessary to reach great heights. Of course, that is just the opinion of one old grandpa who loves his granddaughter very much, and the world never heeds nor respects the emotions of the loving father, mother, or grandparent because they are simply "biased".
     Nonetheless, I am completely convinced that my grandchildren are the most special people in the world, if for no other reason than they are....  well, they just are! ....and by the way, the name is Alexa, not Alexis, y'all. You need to get that straight, because whatever she does with her life, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. I'm sure AlexA is just as proud and fond of her grandpa as you obviously are of her and your other grandchildren.


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