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Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20th, 2016: New SciFi work started

     "Captain Henderson K. Johns stood between the body bags of his two crew mates, reflecting on the recent events that lead up to this moment."
     Thus begins the next novel that I am working on. I'm excited about it  because it is a serious science fiction story that I'm writing about a spaceship captain who is a Christian in a world where Christianity is the rare exception for a personal lifestyle. It takes place in the middle of the twenty-second century when people have gone out into the universe and found other things to worship than the God of the Bible. Johns found his faith as a young teen and has never wavered in his belief in the teachings of Christ.
    A random event kills his only two shipmates and he finds himself alone and searching for the ores and minerals that he needs to fuel his ship so he can get back to his base station in the Great Asteroid Belt. In unfamiliar territory, it takes him a while to locate the materials he needs, but eventually his sensors pick up a planet that can help him. Unable to control his descent well enough, his ship crashes and he finds himself on a planet of telepathic women who have never seen a man.
     The story takes Johns through the process of learning from and teaching this unique race of red haired, green eyed females who have no oral language and communicate only through images.

     I am writing the rough draft now and project that it will be completed in July. It then will have to go through editing before being published sometime this summer.

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