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Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19, 2015

It was a rainy day today, so I tried to spend some time on writing things. That is, after all, after going to the grocery store and spending a small fortune. I have been noticing that some of my casual shirts have started to look a bit shabby, so I picked up a few more. We also picked up a couple of gifts for a new baby in our church, and then we had the regular groceries.

Since my big computer crash last week, I have had to rely on my desktop and a 2-in-1tablet that was a gift to us for signing up for an upgrade on our cable services. The tablet has been fine for just messing around checking email, Facebook, and other odds and ends, but it is not meant to be a workhorse, so I've had to do the heavy lifting on the desktop and fill in the small stuff on the tablet. That was a pretty good working plan, but I had to get a word processor on the tablet as well as a couple of other items, and somewhere along the way, one of the softwares dumped some malware on the tablet. I managed to get AVG Free and Spybot Search and Destroy loaded on it, and after some scans and the removal of some programs that should not have been there, I think I am back in business.

I will be glad to get my laptop back, because whether they can fix it or not, I will have a new computer because the laptop will have a new hard drive or it will not be reparable and I will get a new laptop and start building it. This time, it will come with an external hard drive that will back up a couple of times each week automatically, and will also be backed up manually any time I do an amount of work that I could not afford to lose if it crashed.

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