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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015: Working Title: Just in Time

This is the outline that I am working on at this point:

A brilliant scientist works out a way to travel back in time at about the same time that his struggling marriage is collapsing. Encouraged by his lab assistant, he toys with the idea  that he could go back in his own life and make slight course corrections that would make his life better. While still thinking the process over, an accident at the lab happens that sends him back to his teen years. Unable to return to his own time because the controls were never set, he realizes that he has to coexist within the same body as his former self until he ages back to the age when the accident occurred. Having the stronger, more developed psyche, he is able to control the actions and decisions that he makes and thus has the power to change and correct his actions this time around. He sets out to "Fix" his life and try to create the kind of life that he believes he should have had.

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