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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28th, 2016: The story that comes from within me.

I have a new novel out that I released last month that I haven't really been promoting very much, but in my opinion, it is probably the best story that I have written to date. I feel that my tales are a little bit off the beaten track sometimes, but who wants to write the same old thing that has been done a million times before? I try to give a new perspective on things as much as possible, and as a result, I haven't developed the following that I had hoped for.

"At Some Point in Time" is a very sweet time travel novel about Ed Delaney, who through a freak accident finds himself transported back to the time when he met the one girl in his life that he has never been able to forget. They only had a year together, but she captured his heart before being forced to move away when her father's company transferred her to another city. He failed to keep in touch with her, and as a result, when he finally found himself able to seek her out and see if they could rekindle their romance, she had already moved on with her life. Finding himself back at that turning point for a second chance, he sets out to see if he can change the outcome this time and win his lost love back.

There are many obstacles to overcome if they are going to succeed, but the young lovers push through some turbulent times in America's history as the Oklahoma bombing takes place just a couple of hours from where they are, and years later, 9-11-2001 takes place.

Will they be able to survive this time, or will their feelings for each other survive everything that life throws at them? Read the story and find out if life really does give them a second chance.

Available on Amazon in ebook or paperback.

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