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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30th, 2016: New novelette coming soon.

Probably in the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing my next story, a novelette called "The Deathburger Saga".

Jefferson and Jaclyn Hammand, own Hammand's diner in the fictional town of Cooperton, Kentucky. The town is small and has really seen better days, as its aging population is slowly growing smaller. Since the town is a bit off the beaten path, Jackie decided that she needs to create a new sandwich for the diner that might draw new customers in from the nearby highway. She works out a recipe for a spicy hamburger that she is convinced will do the trick.

The local homeless man, Sam Tharp comes in looking for some work to earn enough money to buy a couple of meals. Jackie doesn't have anything for him, but tells him if he will try her new burger and give his opinion of it, she will give him a full meal in return at no cost. He agrees to do this and makes quick work out of Hammand's Spicy Hamburger, as Jackie wants to call it. He tells her that the food was amazing, and thanks her for giving him the chance to try it out. On his way back to the humble shed that he lives in, his burst appendix causes him to collapse in the woods, where he is found dead the following day. Some of the townspeople hear about the last meal that Sam had and blame the diner for his death.

The mayor, a notorious schemer, learns that Sam's death had nothing to do with the meal he had at the diner, but decides to suppress that information and begins a very public campaign to get people to come in and try out the infamous "Deathburger". He offers some modest prize money and runs ads and press conferences challenging anyone brave enough to come try this dangerous sandwich. The chaos that ensues is more than Jackie can deal with.

The story takes a lot of twists and turns as Jackie, Jefferson, and the mayor deal with the consequences of his actions. Throw a prominent member of the town leading a protest right across from the diner, a gang of motorcycle riders, a probing TV news reporter, and all of the customers who come in to try to beat this burger, and you have a story that will keep you wondering what is going to happen next.

Soon to be available as an ebook on Amazon.

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